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Bitch, please? [userpic]
Holy Crap :O
by Bitch, please? (aeris_resurrect)
at January 8th, 2006 (09:40 pm)

Whats your mood?: Tasting the rainbow
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I just noticed that I haven't posted in here in like... forever. I also noticed that this ain't got no watchers, hyuk! But I swear i'll be good and write a story soon, even if it is as short as yo' momma.

I had a great idea for a story in a (what I have seen) storyless (is that a word?) fandom: Sudeki. Some rough guidelines below:

- Yaoi (TalxElco)
- It'll probably be pg-r cause i'm crap at writing the lovin'
- Don't expect the words to be in the thousands.
- Timeline: Takin' a break in Transentia, Transentia inn!
- Spoilers: Some... though probably not much.

It has been gnawing at my brain... I NEED TO LET IT OUT!